A Medal For Mary


A Medal For Mary


Короткий перессказ книги A Medal For Mary. She then fights to control what she believes is another dream. With the help of an alien defector, Lynn sets out on a daring escape through the sand blasted wasteland, hoping to rescue Mary and find a way back home to continue the fight to free their world from the extraterrestrial invaders. Convinced she’s lived these events before, Mary relives the nightmarish reality of loosing Jeanclair and her dear friend Alexis when the aliens attack. Her memories don’t match events in Nazi occupied Paris. Reality for Mary is a convoluted alternate history. Reality for Lynn is a nightmarish desert planet. A parasitic plant grows from its host while feeding her dreams. Inside a lab, Lynn discovers a young woman who’s victim to a gruesome experiment. He finds himself a slave laborer, separated from everyone he ever knew or loved. Escaping one dream, Mary seemingly wakes into the day an alien occupation force arrives in New York City. She frets over the safety of her lover Jeanclair, a member of the underground resistance.

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Аксаков, Сергей Тимофеевич Записки об уженье рыбы

Записки об уженье рыбы, как говорил сам автор, ...для рыбаков по склонности, для охотников, для которых слова удочка и уженье - слова магические,...

Уильямс Б. За морем

Дарья Донцова Прогноз гадостей на завтра

Ну что за невезуха! Я, Евлампия Романова, вылетела в непотребном виде в магазин за дюбелями и – бац! – встретила свою старую любовь Эдика....


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